Jen has been practicing Pilates as a student for 10+ years.  She is very excited to share her love of Pilates with others as an instructor.  Jen fell in love with this form of movement the first time she tried it.  Her favorite is mat and reformer.  Outside of class Jen has been a resident of Cedar Falls since college and her and her husband of 21 years keep busy with their three teenagers and all of their activities. 
Jen is a PSC instructor and is starting to teach group classes and is welcoming private sessions by appointment.

Amy's been in the NRG Pilates family for over 6 years (as a student) she's practiced mat, reformer and barre.  Outside of class, Amy holds a full time desk job that once desperately lacked the movement her body craved, luckily Pilates has fulfilled so much so that it's eased her comfort at the office and become a lifestyle she is excited to share.   Amy is finishing up the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program and will become officially certified in December 2016.   She is beginning group classes and already welcoming private sessions by appointment.

Amy Curley, Pilates Instructor

​Jack Miller/Owner

Nicky Miller/Owner, PMA®,CPT

Jennifer Custer, Pilates Instructor

Jack has been training in different forms for over 20 years.  His first discipline was classic weight training and kickboxing.  When he discovered Kettlebells, he was hooked.  Jack furthered his training philosophy when he discovered Suspension Training.  Jack believes in training the entire body each session, utilizing solid technique to get the best results.  Jack has worked with several athletes and those training for specific events.  Jack completed his Kettlebell certification with the IKFF.