​​Welcome to NRG Pilates & Kettlebell Studio

The only fully equipped Pilates studio in the Cedar Valley.  We are a boutique fitness studio, offering private, semi-private, group studio and equipment classes.  Our intimate setting and smaller class sizes allow us to offer you personal attention.  Our teachers are highly trained and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.  We strive to have our clients walk away from the studio with a feeling of confidence both physically and mentally, feeling their absolute best!

What NRG can do for you:

  • ​Building overall functional strength & flexibility
  • ​Overall body awareness & mechanics
  • ​Rehabilitation for shoulder, hip, lower back, etc.
  • ​Releasing tension, stress, & toxins
  • ​Improve bone density
  • ​Athletes wanting to obtain balance in their body strength & flexibility
  • ​Increase endurance & stamina

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